AMD 3900X Based PC Build

I’ve not built my own PC in a vary long time so I thought it would be prudent to do a little research. When I last built a machine manuals were sparse now they are down right non-existent it seems. The notes below cover the bits that I found to be not entirely obvious.Continue reading

Installing Linux on a PowerEdge 860

I’ve got a couple of old Dell PowerEdge 860 servers. They are nothing to write home about but they are functional and good enough for playing around with (I’m investigating KVM and Xen virtualization at the moment). What I need to do though is install from a USB as I don’t have any CD’s to burn. Unfortunately how you achieve that isn’t obvious.Continue reading

Applying Updates on ESXi 5

I was recently faced with the task of having to apply updates to an server running ESXi 5. Now, you would think that this would be a pretty simple job but it actually turned out to be more difficult that I would have though. The main problem was that I couldn’t find any concise instructions. I found a couple of guides but they were so complex I was pretty sure something would go wrong before I got to the end. Hopefully this guide is so simple nothing can go wrong…Continue reading

Monitoring an LSI MegaRAID on ESXi 5

I’ve been installing a new ESXi 5 based VMWare server recently. The machine contains an LSI MegaRAID 9260-4i RAID card and four decent sized disks. The host operating system installed fine and I thought everything was going well until I got almost to the point of completion when I went to check that error reporting was working. To my surprise there was no information available on the state of the RAID array.Continue reading

LSI MegaRAID Firmware Upgrade under VMWare

I was recently faced with the task of upgrading the firmware on an LSI MegaRAID 9260-4i RAID card. Normally this would be a fairly simple process as LSI provide an easy to use command line utility called MegaCLI. The difficulty was using this utility on a machine that was running VMWare ESXi 5 Update 1. This article describes the steps I went through to perform the update.Continue reading

Upgrading a MikroTik Router

MikroTik release updated versions of RouterOS on a fairly regular basis and it is normally a good idea to update your router when they become available. Upgrading is a fairly painless process but I found the instructions given on the website were a little out of date.Continue reading

ReadyNAS Ultra 4 – Rsync over SSH

You might wonder why an article about the ReadyNAS Ultra 4 is filed under the Linux category but there is a very good reason for this. Under the hood the ReadyNAS Ultra range (and the Pro range) are basically just little Debian based machines running Intel Atom x86 processors. This, from my point of view, is a really good thing because it means I can make up for some of it’s short comings.Continue reading