Install x2go on Ubuntu Oneiric

This article will take you step by step though installing the x2go server on your Ubuntu Oneiric based machine. The x2go server offers remote desktop access to you machine meaning that you can virtually sit at the machine from anywhere in the world. Unlike some other remote desktop systems x2go uses powerful algorithms to compress the data sent over the wire so it should work reasonably well even over a very slow link.Continue reading

Installing Maven on Ubuntu 11.10

For some reason I can’t possibly fathom Linux seems to have a downer on all things Java. Packages are available for most things but they are invariably not the latest version which means performing a manual install – not the end of the world but irritating when you can just install a package for most things. This page gives a quick overview of how to install Maven 3 on Ubuntu 11.10 but the same (or a very similar) process will work on most distributions.Continue reading

Postfix Relay via Gmail

I’ve got a Linux bux that I use as a webserver and media centre. Since it runs 24/7 and is world facing I wan’t to be able to monitor it and the easiest way to do that is to have it send me emails about it’s status. For example every night I want to receive and email about what package updates there are waiting to be installed. I’ve chosen to set up Postfix so that it relays email via my personal Gmail account as this is quick to set up and easy to manage.Continue reading

Colours of ls

The ls command list the files and directories (and other items) in a given directory. It can be asked to colour the output that it produces to give you an indication of what each file is and what permissions it has. Since I always forget what colour means what here’s a handy list of what each colour means.Continue reading

ReadyNAS Ultra 4 – Rsync over SSH

You might wonder why an article about the ReadyNAS Ultra 4 is filed under the Linux category but there is a very good reason for this. Under the hood the ReadyNAS Ultra range (and the Pro range) are basically just little Debian based machines running Intel Atom x86 processors. This, from my point of view, is a really good thing because it means I can make up for some of it’s short comings.Continue reading