BIND Query Refused

I’ve just set up a new BIND DNS server for a new network. I configured the network in a way I’ve not done before which was to have the servers on a different subnet to the regular machines and other devices. I prefer this set up but it has resulted in me having to do some reading up about network configuration. Anyway, all was going well until I switched over to my new DNS server…Continue reading

Understanding Bridges

In this article I’ll discuss network bridges and where they are commonly used (spoiler: they aren’t any more). Mainly though I want to discuss how bridges are used in an OpenStack set up as building a personal cloud is my final aim. Hardware network bridges aren’t as common as they once were as switches have largely replaced hubs in the network so there’s no problem with large collision domains. Continue reading

Understanding VLANs

The aim of this article is to explain VLANs to someone who has a reasonable understand of how a computer network works. Recently I’ve been reading up on OpenStack as I’d like to put together a small personal cloud for a project I’m working on. So far so easy but the one aspect that I’ve been really struggling with is the networking. Many many years ago I took a course on computer networking but it didn’t cover modern ideas like software defined networking and VLANs mainly because they didn’t exist (VLANs might just have existed, SDN certainly didn’t). I’ve tried taking a Computer Networking course over on Udacity but that only filled in a few blanks – some interesting material on how the larger Internet works though. Continue reading