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PlotFaces is evolving quickly at the moment so rather than clutter the bug tracker with every little thing that I come across that needs fixing or improving I’m currently maintaining a list here. Once I’m happy PlotFaces is broadly feature complete and bug free I’ll switch over to using the bug tracker. Rest assured the vast majority of these issues are with the demonstration application rather than PlotFaces.

  • Provide an option to turn the function fixer off.
  • Find what doesn’t work and check the jqPlot source. For example Legend changed the “showSwatch” option to “showSwatches”.
  • SeriesToggle option in Legend: fast, normal and slow appear to work fine but true / false and millisecond figures don’t seem to have any effect.
  • Model.fontSize doesn’t appear to work.
  • Model.fontFamily doesn’t appear to work
  • Model.textColor doesn’t appear to work.
  • Legend labels list not editable.
  • Remove RendererOptions, Gson seems to do a good enough job.
  • Axis ticks list not editable.
  • What about the Highlighter class?
  • Need to expose axesDefaults for editing.
  • Need to expose seriesDefaults for editing.
  • Not seen ChartModel.sortData working.
  • Not seen ChartModel.fontSize working.
  • Add shadowRenderer and shapeRenderer renderer to MarkerRenderer – FunctionFixer needs to know that MarkerRenderer is used by Series and Highligher.
  • Two dimensional arrays require the data to be wrapped in a set of square brackets.
  • The mobile plugin causes the highlighter plugin to stop working, it’s been removed from the compiled library but there should be an option to add it.
  • The Highlighter.markerRenderer in unusual and requires additional help in FunctionFixer – could this be changed?
  • Not seen Highlighter.lineWidthAdjust work.
  • Is $.jqplot.ShadowRenderer used in Grid?
  • Series.showLabel doesn’t seem to work, at least not if there’s a legend renderer.
  • Series.shadowOffset doesn’t seem to work.
  • Series.shadowAlpha doesn’t seem to work
  • Series.index doesn’t seem to work – probably need to actually reorder the series in the model.
  • Series.disableStack – not tested and will require support in the model to move disableStack series t to the end (should over ride index).
  • Series.fillAxis requires negative values to have any effect on line charts and then causes the line to disappear.
  • causes a javascript error from deep inside jqPlot
  • After switching from one editing page to another the graph is initially missing some CSS, the axis labels are drawn too close to the chart.
  • PieRenderer.dataLabels it’s either one of an enumerated type or an array, how to support both?
  • PieRenderer.highlightColors – not currently editable.
  • Should we include jQuery-UI in PlotFaces to make charts resizable? This could be left up to the end user.
  • DateAxisRenderer needs tickOptions
  • Drawing lines on a chart is possible but tricky with date axes. The x value (where x is the date axis) must be given as a millisecond value. It can be computed by jqPlot using this snippet of code “new $.jsDate(‘2012-02-01’).getTime()”. The problem with using the code approach is going to be removing the quotes as the data isn’t a constant.
  • overlay.AbstractLine the tooltip fade speed can be a number as well as an enumeration.
  • overlay.HorizontalLine xOffset can be a string or a number (affects other lines as well).
  • Add Canvas Overlay functionality to the demo application
  • Any setting that indicates a position on the chart needs to be a Number rather than a Double or Integer etc. This is due to the way Gson formats large double values. For example, if a line is to be drawn on a chart using a date axis the position needs to be specified as a millisecond value. If the parameter was a Double it would be output in scientific notation e.g. 1.234532465E12 which jqPlot doesn’t understand. It can’t be a Long though because then there would be no way to specify a decimal position.
  • Need to add a note somewhere: All series must be the same size then plotting a bar chart. All series must specify all categories even if the value is zero. Not specifying every category results in strange rendering.
  • Decide what to do about the PlotFactory.disableHTMLEscaping parameter. Should it be pushed through to the component? Should it default to true?
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