Hudson Hell Part 2

Just when I think that I’ve got everything working I hit another issue. This time it’s with Subversion. I’m trying to create a new job so I select Subversion under the SCM section and enter the appropriate URL. Hudson tells me that I need to enter credentials so I click the link which takes me to the credentials page where I enter my username and password.Continue reading

VerifyError Expecting a stackmap frame

I’ve just added a couple of new projects to my Hudson CI system and I noticed that one of the projects, which was configured to build with Java 7, had every test fail with an exception. I decided to use Java 7 after I’d already started working on the project so Java 7 features were only used in the tests at this point so my guess was a problem with the JVM.Continue reading

Hudson Hell

For a while now I’ve been meaning to get Hudson installed and running but what with one thing and another I’ve always put it off (I put it down to being a lone developer). What with everything else going on things like Hudson get pushed to the back of the queue all the time even though I’m fairly sure they’ll help. Well today I decided to do something about it.Continue reading