Joomla and PageSpeed

A while back I installed the PageSpeed module for Apache in an effort to improve my sites performance. How much of an affect it has is debatable but the site scores more highly on the Google PageSpeed score which is a good thing since now it won’t suffer a listing penalty for being slow.Continue reading

Becoming a Website Developer

So you want to develop websites for a living and you don’t know much about software / web development. Ok, my first piece of advice to you (unless you are really young e.g. still at school) is don’t bother. If you haven’t already learnt how to write web pages using HTML, CSS and JavaScript on your own then you probably don’t have the motivation / interest to succeed. Harsh, yes, but also true. The market for this sort of work is saturated with people that learnt how to do it on their own when the web was young. If you are still interested then your best option is to find someone with experience that will train you. The article below gives you some pointers on what you’ll need to be familiar with.Continue reading

Improving Joomla Performance

I recently tested this site using this online website performance tool: Web Page Test and I thought I’d share some of the results and what I did to improve them. You can also try YSlow however this will generally give you a result that is across a LAN rather than a DSL type connection and I’ve noticed it won’t load JavaScript images – the front page of this site has an image rotator which I know is very heavy but it was completely missed by YSlow.Continue reading