Netflix UK Update

As we’ve now been using the Netflix service for a few weeks I though it was time for a bit of an update. Overall I’m still generally pleased with the service. The lack of a queue still bugs me but it’s not the end of the world so I’ll live with that. Picture quality seems to vary quite a lot from film to film but on the whole it’s been good, the older films seem to have the poorer quality streams which is odd as they have probably been encoded from a very high quality source.Continue reading

Netflix UK

After a long wait the UK finally has access to the Netflix film and television streaming service. We signed up on the day of release and after a few days of use I can say that over all I’m fairly pleased with the service. That’s not to say everything is perfect though, there’s a long way to go before any streaming service is what I would call excellent, but this is a good step in the right direction.Continue reading

GCHQ Challenge

GCHQ (roughly the UK version of the CIA) are running a sort of recruitment program at the moment looking for geeks that are good code breakers. They have put up a site with a single page which presents a challenge to crack a code. Once you’ve cracked it you type the code into the text box and automatically become a spy… erm I made that last bit up.Continue reading

Restarting a Download Manually in Firefox

What I’m abount to discuss is probably a fairly rare event but when you are stuck in a corner it’s good to have knowledge like this at your disposal. So, the background: I was downloading a very large video file in Chrome (about 13GB), it had got to about 12.5GB when I noticed that my local network had become unresponsive. For reasons that I can’t fathom (yet) I’ve discovered that rebooting the router makes everything work again – I think the router is on it’s last legs and will need replacing soon.Continue reading

International Routing Department Scam

There is a scam doing the rounds that tries to infect your computer or get you to phone a premium rate number for computer support. It goes something like this:

  • You get a phone call from an Indian sounding guy called Edward / Steve / John or something equally improbably.
  • They claim that your computer is sending out messages to indicating that it is infected with viruses / malware / trojans / etc.
  • They get you to turn your computer on and will then guide you to the “dangerous” files which are actually just normal system files.
  • Once they have shown you the dangerous files they either get you to visit a website or ask you to phone a technical support number.

Continue reading