WobblyStack – Reading List

I had to read a lot before I could get to the point where I felt I could write a script that installed OpenStack for me. The links below are a selection of articles that I found useful. This is the complete list of things I read as I didn’t start compiling the list before I had finished the first script but it’s a good start. Obviously you should head on over to the OpenStack documentation page for the most up to date official documentation. Unlike a lot of projects OpenStack have got it right when it comes to documentation and I’m sure that if I had come at this project with a better understanding of networking it would have been a fairly simple installation.Continue reading

Using PuTTY for Key-Based SSH Login

If you are on Windows and need to “shell” into a Linux machine then PuTTY is the tool of choice. For password based logins it’s as simple as entering the IP address or name of the machine you want to connect to but for key based logins things get a little more complicated. This guide will show you how to generate a key pair and use it to quickly and efficiently log into a machine. The target machine that I will be logging into is a virtual machine living in an OpenStack cloud, by default these machines don’t allow password based login.Continue reading

WobblyStack – A Single Node OpenStack Install

For a couple of years now I’ve run a small VMWare virtualization system for my business. Broadly speaking it’s gone well and been fairly uneventful. The only panic came when I transitioned from the free to the small business version of the software – I installed more memory than was allowed in the free version, rather than just ignoring it the system refused to boot any VMs! Unfortunately I’ve never really had the time to fully explore what I could do with the system and I’ve long felt that there was more to be had. Rather than shell out more money on VMWare toys though I thought it was high time I learnt about OpenStack.

Continue reading