Applying Updates on ESXi 5

I was recently faced with the task of having to apply updates to an server running ESXi 5. Now, you would think that this would be a pretty simple job but it actually turned out to be more difficult that I would have though. The main problem was that I couldn’t find any concise instructions. I found a couple of guides but they were so complex I was pretty sure something would go wrong before I got to the end. Hopefully this guide is so simple nothing can go wrong…Continue reading

Monitoring an LSI MegaRAID on ESXi 5

I’ve been installing a new ESXi 5 based VMWare server recently. The machine contains an LSI MegaRAID 9260-4i RAID card and four decent sized disks. The host operating system installed fine and I thought everything was going well until I got almost to the point of completion when I went to check that error reporting was working. To my surprise there was no information available on the state of the RAID array.Continue reading

LSI MegaRAID Firmware Upgrade under VMWare

I was recently faced with the task of upgrading the firmware on an LSI MegaRAID 9260-4i RAID card. Normally this would be a fairly simple process as LSI provide an easy to use command line utility called MegaCLI. The difficulty was using this utility on a machine that was running VMWare ESXi 5 Update 1. This article describes the steps I went through to perform the update.Continue reading