Year: 2011

  • Problems After Upgrading to Kubuntu 11.10

    I’ve upgraded a few machines to Kubuntu 11.10 recently and they have all suffered from the same problems after the upgrade. All were machines that have been upgraded from 10.10 so it may not be an issue if you start from 11.04. Likewise these issues probably don’t affect clean installs of 11.10.

  • GCHQ Challenge

    GCHQ (roughly the UK version of the CIA) are running a sort of recruitment program at the moment looking for geeks that are good code breakers. They have put up a site with a single page which presents a challenge to crack a code. Once you’ve cracked it you type the code into the text…

  • Dynamic Dashboard with PrimeFaces

    I do a fair bit of work with the PrimeFaces JSF library and it is, IMHO, the best set of JSF widgets currently available. PrimeFaces has an excellent demonstration site as well which gives examples of the most common usage patterns of each widget available. Occasionally though it’s necessary to stray outside what is demonstrated…

  • Unable to set request character encoding to UTF-8

    While developing my current application I’ve been seeing dozens of error messages like this: WARNING: PWC4011: Unable to set request character encoding to UTF-8 from context /foo, because request parameters have already been read, or ServletRequest.getReader() has already been called and after searching high and low for a solution I eventually found one.

  • Restarting a Download Manually in Firefox

    What I’m abount to discuss is probably a fairly rare event but when you are stuck in a corner it’s good to have knowledge like this at your disposal. So, the background: I was downloading a very large video file in Chrome (about 13GB), it had got to about 12.5GB when I noticed that my…

  • Install x2go on Ubuntu Oneiric

    This article will take you step by step though installing the x2go server on your Ubuntu Oneiric based machine. The x2go server offers remote desktop access to you machine meaning that you can virtually sit at the machine from anywhere in the world. Unlike some other remote desktop systems x2go uses powerful algorithms to compress…

  • Simple CRUD Example – Part 2

    In the last article I showed you how to create a Debry database and set up a persistence unit. In this article I’ll create a very basic CRUD application. Using JSF 2, JPA 2 and EJB 3.1.

  • Simple CRUD Example – Part 1

    If you have ever developed a web application you’ll know that most of the code you write is not clever business logic that’s doing complicated calculations but actually fairly simple CRUD (Create, Reuse/Retrieve, Update, Delete) code. Since this is the type of code that gets written all the time it makes sense to know it…

  • Java 7 JDBC-ODBC Bridge on Windows 7 64bit

    That mouth full of a title sums up quite nicely what I’ve been trying to get working today: a JDBC-ODBC bridge connection to a 32bit Access database running on a 64bit version of Windows 7. Phew, I’m tired just thinking about it.

  • JPA2 Serialized Blob Never Really Null

    This one got me late on a Friday (actually after work so I was doubly frustrated) and is to do with how JPA2 persists attributes of items that are not of basic Java types and which are also not entities. In order words attributes that implement Serializable and get shoved into BLOB fields.

  • Installing Maven on Ubuntu 11.10

    For some reason I can’t possibly fathom Linux seems to have a downer on all things Java. Packages are available for most things but they are invariably not the latest version which means performing a manual install – not the end of the world but irritating when you can just install a package for most…

  • Postfix Relay via Gmail

    I’ve got a Linux bux that I use as a webserver and media centre. Since it runs 24/7 and is world facing I wan’t to be able to monitor it and the easiest way to do that is to have it send me emails about it’s status. For example every night I want to receive…