Day: 29 July 2011

  • Job Scheduling – The Timer Service

    Most non-trivial applications require at least some asynchronous processing but direct use of the thread library is not allowed in a JEE container environment. To get around this limitation EJB 2.1 introduced a timer service which, although functional, wasn’t very feature rich. This has finally been fixed in EJB 3.1 which brings a new, annotation driven,…

  • Getting Started with JEE 6 – Choices, Choices – Picking an Alternative

    In the previous article we looked at how we can use the CDI qualifier system to pick which one of multiple possible implementations should be used when an injection takes place. In this article I show you how to decide what gets injected at runtime rather than at build time.

  • Getting Started with JEE 6 – CDI Qualifiers

    In the last article we developed an application that had two alternative implementations of an EJB based QuoteService which unfortunately ran aground because CDI couldn’t choose which of our implementation to use. In this article I’ll discuss how to let the system know which implementation to use by using CDI qualifiers.

  • Getting Started with JEE 6 – Multiple Implementations of an EJB

    In the previous part of this series we developed an application that contained a simple no interface EJB which fed quotes to a QuoteBean which, in turn, supplied them to the JSF page. In this part I’ll modify the QuoteService to make it an interface and then provide two different implementations of that interface.

  • Getting Started with JEE 6 – Creating an EJB

    In the previous part we created a simple little application that comprised just a single bean and a JSF page. The page called the bean and asked for a quote which was then displayed. Under the hood though there was a lot of stuff going on and it’s best to have at least an idea…