Month: March 2013

  • Converting a List into a Quoted List

    I recently needed to convert a simple list of strings into something that could be used in a SQL IN clause. The format for the IN clause that I needed was quoted strings with commas between each value.

  • How to Modify the Default NetBeans Template

    By default every single class that you create with NetBeans will start with a header that tells you how to change the template. This header has found it’s way into just about every file in all my projects and it serves no useful purpose, why it can’t just be an empty comment I don’t know…

  • Hudson Hell Part 2

    Just when I think that I’ve got everything working I hit another issue. This time it’s with Subversion. I’m trying to create a new job so I select Subversion under the SCM section and enter the appropriate URL. Hudson tells me that I need to enter credentials so I click the link which takes me…

  • Netbeans 7.3 Maven Profiler Issue

    Neatbeans 7.3 has just been released (yeah) and, like every release it has brought a host of new bugs with it. I try not to document bugs because they tend not to be around for very long and bug databases are normally a better place to look but this one falls into the difficult to…

  • Tomcat Service Fails to Start

    I’ve run more Tomcat services than I care to think about and I reckon I’ve probably seen just about every different way they can fail now. The failure mode I describe here seems to catch me out every time though so I thought I’d write it up so everyone can benefit from my pain.