Category: Java

  • ManagedBeanCreationException – What’s gone wrong now!

    I recently failed to inject a managed bean into another bean that I was writing and for the life of me I couldn’t see what I’d done wrong. As is often the case it’s the little things that trip us up and in this case I was so used to doing it I couldn’t see…

  • UIInstructions cannot be cast

    I f, like me, you are getting an error message along the lines of “UIInstructions cannot be cast to” you are in luck because here’s the answer.

  • TransformerFactor AbstractMethodError

    This little hint is perhaps a bit vague but it’s not completely clear where the problem lies but I know what fixed it.

  • Subtle Subversion Problem

    Here’s a problem you don’t see everyday which really shows up the stupidity of the whole case sensitive / insensitive filesystem battle between Windows and Unix like operating systems. Fortunately a lot of work has been done to make the two different schools of thought play together nicely but occasionally something falls through the cracks…

  • JavaFX 2 with JPA 2 and Drag and Drop – Part 3

    This article will cover a method that can be used to include more than one entity type in a tree (the same system will work for other widgets such as lists and tables) by using a proxy holder. The previous articles in this series covered setting up the demo application and getting started with JPA.

  • JavaEE 7 – A First Look

    Now that JavaEE 7 is out of the starting blocks and running free I thought I’d have a first look. I decided that as I’ve not had a look at the JavaEE tutorial for a while I’d work my way through it as both a refresher and to find out about the new API’s available.…

  • SampleFX – Updating a Label

    The humble label is probably one of the most used widgets in the UI designers toolkit so getting to know it inside and out is important. A common task it is to update a label to display some new information depending on the state of the application. Depending on where that new information comes from…

  • SampleFX Mini-Demos

    I’ve taken a short break from the JavaFX and JPA series of articles because I wanted to start a new project that demonstrates common day to day tasks in JavaFX. I’ve called this project SampleFX5 and you can download it here.

  • JavaFX 2 with JPA 2 and Drag and Drop – Part 2

    In the first part of this series I gave an over view of the project and how to install and run it. Now I’ll cover the JPA aspects of the project.

  • JavaFX 2 with JPA 2 and Drag and Drop – Part 1

    After a bit of a break away doing other things I’m back on a project that uses JavaFX 2. So far this project hasn’t required much in the way of persistence either for settings or data but a new feature I’m working on makes use of a database. I use JPA 2 for web based…

  • XPath, JAXP and the Default Namespace

    So you’ve just finished parsing a document with your validating namespace aware document factory and you’ve gone to select some nodes using XPath and nothing has appeared (no nodes where selected). You’ve tried changing the XPath expression, making it simpler and simpler and still nothing. Chances are it’s not he XPath that’s at fault it’s…

  • PrimeFaces p:fileUpload not Appearing

    I hit this issue with the PrimeFaces p:fileUpload component this morning and it had me going for about an hour until I figured out what was wrong. A good googling shows that more than a few people have hit this problem but no one had reported a solution, there was even a bug report closed…