Netbeans 7.3 Maven Profiler Issue

Neatbeans 7.3 has just been released (yeah) and, like every release it has brought a host of new bugs with it. I try not to document bugs because they tend not to be around for very long and bug databases are normally a better place to look but this one falls into the difficult to find category so I’ll document it here.

The bug affects Maven based projects and shows up when you try to profile the project. It seems NetBeans isn’t replacing variables correctly (or at all) in the Maven action that is launching the profiling. It seems to work fine for other actions though which is strange. Anyway, there’s a fairly easy work around as long as you aren’t doing anything terribly fancy with your profiling.

Right click on your project and select properties. Select Actions from the left menu. Select the Profile project action and in the Set Properties box remove the ${profile.args} from the exec.args property and change ${} to just java in the exec.executable property. The settings are shown in the image below.

Of course the only problem with this is that you aren’t then supplying parameters dynamically but you can still supply them manually for each project. This is listed as bug 220500.