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  • How to Setup Let’s Encrypt for Apache on Windows

    This guide will show you how to create your first Let’s Encrypt certificate for Apache running on Windows. Later guides will show you how to improve automatic renewal by automatically restarting Apache and how to add additional features such as a secure FTP server using the same certificate. Download Win-ACME (WACS) – Formerly Known as…

  • cPanel Addon Domain Management

    In this article I discuss cPanel addon domain management and what you need to do to prevent your website being accessible by multiple different domain names when you run more than one site using cPanel (known as add-on domains). You don’t want a site to be accessible by multiple different domain names as you’ll suffer…

  • Posts Give 404 and Page 2 Not Found in WordPress

    In and earlier article I discussed a problem I was having with WordPress where links for all posts and pages would result in 404 errors. My solution there worked but not why I thought it had worked and, unbeknownst to me at the time, it didn’t actually fix all the problems. In this article I…

  • Getting 404 on Posts in WordPress

    I recently switched one of my sites over from Joomla to WordPress and, for the most part, everything went well but I did hit a little bit of a problem when all of a my posts suddenly started giving 404 errors.

  • Joomla and PageSpeed

    A while back I installed the PageSpeed module for Apache in an effort to improve my sites performance. How much of an affect it has is debatable but the site scores more highly on the Google PageSpeed score which is a good thing since now it won’t suffer a listing penalty for being slow.

  • Installing mod_pagespeed on Ubuntu

    The mod_pagespeed extension is designed to reduce the load time of pages on a web site by performing certain optimizations such as  optimizing images and minifying CSS and JavaScript. This guide covers installing mod_pagespeed on an Apache server running under Ubuntu 12.04. The process should be the same for later versions of Ubuntu as well.

  • Improving Joomla Performance

    I recently tested this site using this online website performance tool: Web Page Test and I thought I’d share some of the results and what I did to improve them. You can also try YSlow however this will generally give you a result that is across a LAN rather than a DSL type connection and I’ve noticed it…

  • Using a Java Web Service Hosted Behind Apache

    I recently set up a new system running most of the software my business produces. Unlike our other sites right from the beginning all of Java servers (a mixture of Tomcat and GlassFish) will be access via Apache using Apache Tomcat Connector mod_jk. Typically we start of will one server and add Apache in later but…