Tag: Continuous Integration

  • Jenkins SonarQube Analysis SVN Blame Command

    I’ve been setting up a Jenkins CI server for the last few days and I’m getting to the last few steps where I work out all the wrinkles and make everything play nicely together. The issue I’m fighting with at the moment I’m going to call SonarQube analysis SVN blame failure for the want of a…

  • SonarQube on Ubuntu 14.04

    SonarQube (previously just Sonar) is an open source code quality tool. In this short series of articles I’ll be installing and configuring SonarQube on Ubuntu 14.04. Installing SonarQube on Ubuntu is just part of a wider continuous integration (CI) server build that I’ve been performing. Previous articles include installing Artifactory and Java 8.

  • Checkstyle Rule Suppression

    I recently started using Sonar to automatically check the quality of the code I write – turns out it’s mostly ok with a few systematically bad points that I will work on improving. One of the problems I faced though was what to do about a barrage of false positives from a small number of…