Tag: CSS

  • Becoming a Website Developer

    So you want to develop websites for a living and you don’t know much about software / web development. Ok, my first piece of advice to you (unless you are really young e.g. still at school) is don’t bother. If you haven’t already learnt how to write web pages using HTML, CSS and JavaScript on…

  • Improving Joomla Performance

    I recently tested this site using this online website performance tool: Web Page Test and I thought I’d share some of the results and what I did to improve them. You can also try YSlow however this will generally give you a result that is across a LAN rather than a DSL type connection and I’ve noticed it…

  • Epic Template Modifications

    This site currently uses the JSN Epic template by JoomlaShine. While I’m normally allergic to spending money I felt I had to cough up some cash and buy this template as I use it in a few places and a good amount of work has clearly gone into it.