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  • Jenkins SonarQube Analysis SVN Blame Command

    I’ve been setting up a Jenkins CI server for the last few days and I’m getting to the last few steps where I work out all the wrinkles and make everything play nicely together. The issue I’m fighting with at the moment I’m going to call SonarQube analysis SVN blame failure for the want of a…

  • SonarQube with Jenkins Configuration

    Configuring SonarQube with Jenkins while running Maven builds sounds like it should be a breeze but, I at least, found myself scratching my head wondering how to make it work. I’d got SonarQube installed and running and I had Artifactory installed and ready to go. Jenkins was running builds fine but getting SonarQube with Jenkins working…

  • Artifactory on Ubuntu 14.04

    As part of a new continuous integration (CI) server build I need to install a Maven repository manager or software repository. After much debate I’ve decided to go with Artifactory on Ubuntu but the choice was not easy.