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  • Using Your MikroTik Router with Sky / Now TV Broadband

    I recently switch to Sky / Now TV broadband from Plusnet. I’d been with Plusnet for many years and while they started out as a fairly decent company with some well priced offerings as they have grown they have become worse and worse. The customer service has slipped and the prices have risen. My contract…

  • Setting up a L2TP VPN on a MikroTik Router

    I’m running a MikroTik RouterBOARD 962UiGS-5HacT2HnT with a level 4 license. This set up should work on any level 3 or higher licensed version of RouterOS which I think is now all of them. I’m setting this up using WinBox, it can also be done using the web interface and the command line. Add an…

  • Upgrading a MikroTik Router

    MikroTik release updated versions of RouterOS on a fairly regular basis and it is normally a good idea to update your router when they become available. Upgrading is a fairly painless process but I found the instructions given on the website were a little out of date.

  • Fixing the MikroTik Router After an Upgrade

    I recently upgraded from RouterOS V5.13 to V5.16. The interface is a bit nice to look at (especially in the web configuration tool) and there is now a quick setup window in WinBox. The only downside of the upgrade is that all of a sudden my Internet connection stopped working.

  • MikroTik RB751G Configuration

    This page describes the initial set up of my MikroTik RB751G router with a Thompson Gateway TG585v7 BeBox. Although that sounds quite specific these settings are should work with most or all ADSL routers that are in bridge mode and other RouterBoard devices.