Tag: OpenStack

  • Understanding TUN TAP Interfaces

    As I mentioned in the previous article Understanding Bridges, Linux and most other operating systems have the ability to create virtual interfaces which are usually called TUN/TAP devices. This article will discuss those devices with particular focus on how they are used in OpenStack.

  • WobblyStack – Reading List

    I had to read a lot before I could get to the point where I felt I could write a script that installed OpenStack for me. The links below are a selection of articles that I found useful. This is the complete list of things I read as I didn’t start compiling the list before…

  • A Quick Introduction to Open vSwitch

    In a previous article I discussed bridges and showed how the Linux utilities bridge-utils and iproute2 could be used to create virtual bridges within a system. This is great for simple set up but when deploying a cloud environment a bit more functionality is required and that’s where Open vSwitch comes in.

  • Using PuTTY for Key-Based SSH Login

    If you are on Windows and need to “shell” into a Linux machine then PuTTY is the tool of choice. For password based logins it’s as simple as entering the IP address or name of the machine you want to connect to but for key based logins things get a little more complicated. This guide…

  • WobblyStack – A Single Node OpenStack Install

    For a couple of years now I’ve run a small VMWare virtualization system for my business. Broadly speaking it’s gone well and been fairly uneventful. The only panic came when I transitioned from the free to the small business version of the software – I installed more memory than was allowed in the free version,…