Tag: SQL Server

  • How to Configure SQL Server to Use Let’s Encrypt Certificates

    If you have a SQL Server that is accessible in anyway outside your network you really should ensure that connections to it are encrypted. In this article I will do my best to give a comprehensive guide on how to configure SQL Server 2017 to use free certificates from Let’s Encrypt. Be warned, this is…

  • Fastest Updates in SQL Server

    The project I’m working on at the moment requires me to achieve the fastest updates I can into a moderate sized SQL Server database table. My initial attempts were adequate for the testing I was doing on my development machine but when I came to do a more thorough test in a production like environment…

  • Setting the SQL Server Default Backup Locaton

    I seem to end up looking this one up everytime I install a new instance of SQL Server so I’m sure I can’t be the only one. The default backup path for SQL Server is somewhere deep in the Program Files directory which, if you are a software developer, is a pain in the rear.