Tag: SQL

  • Fastest Updates in SQL Server

    The project I’m working on at the moment requires me to achieve the fastest updates I can into a moderate sized SQL Server database table. My initial attempts were adequate for the testing I was doing on my development machine but when I came to do a more thorough test in a production like environment…

  • Converting a List into a Quoted List

    I recently needed to convert a simple list of strings into something that could be used in a SQL IN clause. The format for the IN clause that I needed was quoted strings with commas between each value.

  • Setting the SQL Server Default Backup Locaton

    I seem to end up looking this one up everytime I install a new instance of SQL Server so I’m sure I can’t be the only one. The default backup path for SQL Server is somewhere deep in the Program Files directory which, if you are a software developer, is a pain in the rear.

  • SQL Having

    The having clause is used when filtering has to be performed on aggregate functions since the where clause can not be used in this situation. Since the having clause is often used in conjunction with the group by clause the examples on this page use the same data as was used in the group by article…

  • SQL Group By

    The group by statement is generally used in conjunction with the various aggregate functions in order to produce results that are grouped by one or more columns. This is a very powerful way to report results for groups of results that share some common trait – in the example below the shared trait we are…