Tag: Testing

  • Disk Performance Testing in Linux

    Testing the performance of a disk under Windows is easy, you download and install CrystalDiskMark and hit “All”. Of course it can get more complicated than that but if what you want is a quick and fairly accurate measurement it’s got you covered. Under Linux things aren’t quite as simple. Please don’t think I’m saying…

  • Fastest Updates in SQL Server

    The project I’m working on at the moment requires me to achieve the fastest updates I can into a moderate sized SQL Server database table. My initial attempts were adequate for the testing I was doing on my development machine but when I came to do a more thorough test in a production like environment…

  • SonarQube on Ubuntu 14.04

    SonarQube (previously just Sonar) is an open source code quality tool. In this short series of articles I’ll be installing and configuring SonarQube on Ubuntu 14.04. Installing SonarQube on Ubuntu is just part of a wider continuous integration (CI) server build that I’ve been performing. Previous articles include installing Artifactory and Java 8.