Tag: Virtualization

  • No Boot Space No iNodes

    When I set up my QEMU virtual machine system I made a couple of mistakes. As I was running on a host that had very limited resources I made the virtual machines as small as I possibly could and that has come back to bite me at bit. The two problems I seem to constantly…

  • No Space on the boot Partition

    When I installed my Ubuntu Linux virtual machines I just let the installer do whatever it felt was right in terms of disk partitioning. In hindsight that was probably a mistake because it gave me a separate 256Mb boot partition. While this partition is large enough to store several kernels I do find myself running…

  • Simpler KVM Network Configuration

    In the series of articles I wrote discussing the installation of KVM on Ubuntu I spent articles 2 and 3 discussing the network set up but it occurred to me that it was actually an unnecessarily difficult set up and so in this article I’ll discuss a simpler KVM network configuration set up.

  • KVM Migration Problems

    I recently experienced some KVM migration problems while moving virtual machines from my development laptop to my server. The laptop has a Core i7 processor but the server is running a Core i5 and, as you might expect, they have different features available. In this article I’ll explain what I did to fix my KVM migration problems.

  • BIND Query Refused

    I’ve just set up a new BIND DNS server for a new network. I configured the network in a way I’ve not done before which was to have the servers on a different subnet to the regular machines and other devices. I prefer this set up but it has resulted in me having to do…

  • Increasing the Size of a qcow2 Image Under KVM

    I like to keep my disk images as small as reasonably possible when running virtual machines as I find it just generally makes life easier. Combined with the fact that if you are running LVM it’s easy to expand the disk there’s really no excuse for over specifying on the disk at install time. This…

  • Fixing the Default KVM Host Firewall

    I recently installed KVM on my laptop and all was going reasonably well until I tried to connect to the internet from one of the guests. For some reason that I couldn’t fathom at first the guest couldn’t talk to the internet and the local network couldn’t talk to the guest. This surprised me because…

  • KVM Offline Migration

    As a follow on from the earlier series of articles on setting up KVM on Ubuntu 14.04 this article discusses performing an offline migration of a guest. Why offline rather than online? Online migration is fairly simple if you have shared storage but it starts to get awkward without. From what I’ve read an online…

  • Installing Non-Linux Guests on KVM

    My KVM set up will almost certainly comprise only Linux machines but there is an outside chance I’ll need to run a Windows server in order to have somewhere to install a copy of SQL Server for development purposes. This article will discuss installing non-Linux based operating systems on / under KVM. I’ll be installing…

  • Installing and Running KVM on Ubuntu 14.04 Part 7

    In part 6 of this series I looked at setting up a VNC access to the console of a guest machine in this part I’ll be installing a desktop environment.

  • Installing and Running KVM on Ubuntu 14.04 Part 6

    In part 5 I talked about auto-starting KVM guest machines and setting up a console that could be accessed through virsh. In this section I’ll cover accessing the guest using VNC.

  • Installing and Running KVM on Ubuntu 14.04 Part 5

    In part 4 in this series on installing and running KVM I installed the first guest machine. In this part I’ll tweak the guest so that it’s more to my liking and easier to recover should something go wrong.