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  • Installing Non-Linux Guests on KVM

    My KVM set up will almost certainly comprise only Linux machines but there is an outside chance I’ll need to run a Windows server in order to have somewhere to install a copy of SQL Server for development purposes. This article will discuss installing non-Linux based operating systems on / under KVM. I’ll be installing…

  • Installing and Running KVM on Ubuntu 14.04 Part 7

    In part 6 of this series I looked at setting up a VNC access to the console of a guest machine in this part I’ll be installing a desktop environment.

  • Install x2go on Ubuntu Oneiric

    This article will take you step by step though installing the x2go server on your Ubuntu Oneiric based machine. The x2go server offers remote desktop access to you machine meaning that you can virtually sit at the machine from anywhere in the world. Unlike some other remote desktop systems x2go uses powerful algorithms to compress…