Window 8 Delete Confirmation

Well here’s something I didn’t expect, the delete confirmation dialog has been removed from Windows 8 by default. Now, when you press the delete key the item goes straight to the recycle bin without stopping to ask you is you are really sure that is what you wanted to do.

Personally, I don’t mind this change of behaviour, I know that I can go digging around in the bin if I accidentally delete something but if I was the guy heading up Window 8 I’d have made sure that I let my latest victims customers know that something they find scary had changed.

Anyway, if you want the delete confirmation back it’s pretty easy to turn it back on again. Just open the recycle bin properties by right clicking on it and selecting properties.


Then in the properties dialog tick the “Display delete confirmation dialog” check box. Now when you delete an item it’ll ask you if you are sure.