Oracle VM Virtual Install

A project I have running at the moment may require the fairly rapid deployment of a number of servers so I decided to get a head start and have a play with Oracle VM 3 (and as Wikipedia says – don’t confuse that with Oracle VM VirtualBox).

For now this page will mostly just be notes on how I set things up. There are some excellent tutorials that can be downloaded from Oracle but unless you happen to have half a dozen servers just sitting around you are likely to want to do things a little differently. I, for example, wanted to set up a completely virtual virtual server environment.

I initially tried to install everything under VirtualBox but that failed, VirtualBox apparently doesn’t implement dmidecode which is necessary to discover the manager to discover the server(s). A luck would have it VMWare Player does provide dmidecode so you can install the servers under that and have the manager running under VirtualBox.

This might seem like a really obvious thing to say but your server pool vritual IP address can’t be the same as any of the servers. If you do have a conflict of IP addresses you will see an error like this when you try to discover the conflicting server:

"I/O error while communicating with HTTP server: Connection refused"