WobblyStack – Reading List

I had to read a lot before I could get to the point where I felt I could write a script that installed OpenStack for me. The links below are a selection of articles that I found useful. This is the complete list of things I read as I didn’t start compiling the list before I had finished the first script but it’s a good start. Obviously you should head on over to the OpenStack documentation page for the most up to date official documentation. Unlike a lot of projects OpenStack have got it right when it comes to documentation and I’m sure that if I had come at this project with a better understanding of networking it would have been a fairly simple installation.

I got my inspiration to write the WobblyStack scripts from reading though Kord Cambell’s scripts over on StackGeek. They are an excellent series of scripts and I performed a couple of test installs with them before writing my own. The main downside I saw with them was they don’t use Neutron networking.

Scott Lowe has a blog all about virtualization, cloud computing and related interests. There are a number of really useful articles on networking, for example:

No list of pages would be complete without these from Fosskb:

This series of articles about Installing OpenStack Essex (2012.1) on Ubuntu 12.04 (“Precise Pangolin”) was of some use. I think they may have inspired Kord Cambells scripts.

Another script for installing OpenStack this time in Python.

And finally there’s general reading: