Self Hosted Services

This is a list of services that I self host on my personal network. This almost all runs on a Proxmox server which I mostly wrote a guide about putting together. It has a RAIDZ2 array of a bit over 40TB.


  • Samba – Lives in an LXC container, I have a guide for this.
  • Pi-hole – DNS blackhole for filtering ads and runs my internal DNS. I have a guide for this.
  • Navidrome – Personal music server, kind of like Spotify, there’s a guide here.
  • Grocy – Kitchen management.
  • Jellyfin – General media server although mostly movies and series. There’s a guide here.
  • Calibre – Web – Web frontend for Calibre. There’s a guide here.
  • Calibre – E-Book management, horrible container that provides a cut down desktop GUI. There’s a guide here.
  • Lidarr – Music manager, I don’t really use this.
  • Sonarr – TV show manager.
  • Radarr – Movie manager.
  • Prowlarr – Search proxy for *arr applications.
  • Deluge – Torrent application
  • NordLynx – VPN for staying safe online, other containers route through this.
  • Dashy – Dashboard for home labs
  • Jellyseerr – Media requests for Jellyfin based systems
  • InfluxDB – Timeseries database (deployed with Grafana)
  • Grafana – Dashboard (deployed with InfluxDB)
  • PhotoPrism – Photo management
  • Vikunja – Task management
  • Immich – Photo management

Under Consideration

  • Focalboard – Project management, particularly for technical teams.
  • Readarr – Book management, probably not going to find much
  • Lazylibrarian – Book management
  • PhotoPrism – Photo management

Tried and Removed

  • Hiemdall – Dashboard system – Dashy is better
  • Homarr – Dashboard system – Dashy is better
  • Jackett – Helper application for *arr applications – Prowlarr just integrates better now.
  • Nordvpn – VPN for staying safe online – no longer maintained, replaced by NordLynx